Thursday, 12 May 2011

This week’s new brand experience stuff

Our Design Team has been working on creative brand experience ideas for installations intended to showcase young film makers’ short videos. The gallery concept displays short excerpts from the film and interviews with the production team, as well as memorabilia from the film. A central installation runs VT of all nominated films across multiple screens in a main event hub (aka the food and drink area!).

Dump the ‘Golf Sale’ sandwich board and get an ex skateboarder to cut loose with some ‘sign spinning’ for your field marketing. Attention grabbing and highly entertaining – great for steering traffic to your local presence.

Mobile home anyone? Nice idea for temporary event space, and pretty economical, inflatable marquees are attractive and work for anything from an oasis for high street shoppers to hosting a Big Fat Gypsy Wedding!

And finally, a bit of retro. Old stuff is cool (at least that’s what many of us 30/40 somethings are claiming to help us feel in touch with trends!). One the latest products we’ve used is the retro-style photo booth. Old fashioned, but with the latest technology - great quality photo strips, touch screen, customizable and green. Say cheese!